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Why Drone Photography and Videography Is Essential For Construction

Construction Progress Photos - A Winner With Drone Photography

Drones have quickly become an essential part of many industries, and construction is no exception. The technology has improved to a point where drones are nearly as important to the job as the construction equipment itself. Not only does it provide construction progress photographs, but it can also save a business thousands through the different solutions it offers.

The question is no longer “How important is Construction Drone Photography?”

but instead, “How can I best utilize Drone Photography for Construction?”

There is nearly an infinite number of business benefits that come from using drone photography for construction. While the distinct advantage of having photographed documentation of your work is already a massive positive, there are many other benefits you may not have considered. If you are unsure how drone photography services can augment or even better your construction business, this article will quickly make you a believer.

The hidden benefits of drone construction video services

Drone photography is fantastic but does not always take the spotlight when it comes to the importance of aerial imagery. While carefully taken photography can provide essential details in a single shot, having a video overview of a construction site may get angles or aspects of the land that you missed in an image.

Another often less-considered benefit of drone construction video services is the ability to relay information to a client. As a professional, an image can convey much more meaning when you know what to look for. Often, clients who have never looked at similar imagery will benefit from a video where they can see the same point from continuously changing angles. It helps them quickly get up-to-speed with the information you are discussing and even helps them feel like a more informed client.

Beyond the direct work-related benefits, drone construction video services make EXCELLENT marketing material. Using well-made video in motion ads, website backgrounds, or even a short commercial brings legitimacy and interest to your business in ways that images simply cannot.

Construction Drone Photography - A Business Necessity

Previously, aerial photos could only be obtained by helicopters, airplanes, or even satellites. As drones quickly become the standard in aerial photography, the ease of access to high-quality, professional aerial photography is unprecedented. This photography not only allows for compelling imagery but has many benefits for any point of the construction lifecycle.

  1. Improve project bidding - With high-quality sensors, geo-location, and high-resolution cameras, surveying and quoting projects has never been easier. Not only is this a fantastic way to impress potential clients, but it also instills confidence with the use of the latest technology and standards. All of this allows for more accurate bidding and can lead to higher bid conversions!

  2. Improve Design & Pre-Construction Planning - Drone Photography for Construction is essential for accurate project planning. With an aerial view, planning teams can use more data during the design process and avoid costly setbacks later in the project. Further, drones can help improve the speed of the design process, which frees up the team for new business.

  3. Improve Quality & Safety - Not all construction drone photography is used for design or planning. Continuous inspections are quicker and easier to achieve with drones and can significantly improve the quality of the build and catch safety hazards early on! Drones are unique due to their portability, versatility, and accessibility. Using drones to inspect hard-to-reach areas keeps employees safe and allows for more frequent inspections.

  4. Project Handover - Giving the customer well-documented imagery and visual data portfolio adds value to the construction project. It can even be the difference between you and another company for the client. In addition, this documentation can help them with future management and maintenance and keep your company in mind for future construction projects every time they refer to that documentation.

The uses of construction drone photography are limited only by the imagination and have unparalleled benefits over companies that do not utilize the technology and services available.

Construction Progress Photos - A Winner With Drone Photography

Using drones for construction progress photographs is a definite winner when it comes to drone construction photography. Having well-documented imagery of the construction helps communicate progress to internal and external teams and the client. Using this tech also helps maintain and manage materials and assets and even reduce theft.

Further, Owners who receive consistent progress updates through the use of construction progress photos have a definite increase in satisfaction and feel like they are well-informed on the status of their project.

Taking photos along the way (and reviewing them) helps catch mistakes early on and quickly fix them before they become a bigger problem. Multiple people’s eyes on a project are always better than one!

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, construction progress photographs can help mitigate litigation should an issue ever arise during or after the project. Having visual documentation can provide a defense against disgruntled employees or customers.

Construction Drone Photography will change your business for the better.

There is nearly an infinite number of benefits to using drones in your construction business—the technology impacts every aspect of the business, from marketing to closing, documentation, and handover.

While any of the points listed in this article are enough to convince most companies of the importance of drone photography and construction video services, we know that companies all have unique needs! That’s why a simple conversation can help us find the best way for our services to benefit you! So get in contact with us to discuss and show you how we can improve your business for the better!

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