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Connecticut Drone Photography: PSEG Smokestack In Bridgeport

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

The universe itself speaks of imagery mixed with creativity, and within us lies the insatiable desire to explore our world.

As a young boy, I would look outside the window of my parent's car and be fascinated by what I saw- the beauty of the city. I kept those images in my head for long and always looked out for an opportunity to see more. (I guess it birthed my passion for photography)

Bridgeport, CT, mainly, is a beauty to behold! A historic Seaport City, fondly called "Park City" because of its large recreational areas, like Seaside Park, Pleasure Beach, and Pocket Beaches in most neighborhoods; but that's not all there are several other monuments!

Now that I offer drone imaging services in CT, I'm able to capture these monuments from different perspectives and document them in my portfolio.

I recently returned to a location I visited during childhood to take stunning pictures at an elevated height: PSEG Smokestack, Bridgeport.

This 495 ft smokestack protruding from a coal-powered plant has been a landmark of Bridgeport for many years. With its trademark white and red stripes, this edifice is a beauty to behold!

An Uncertain Future

Due to environmental challenges, the coal-powered plant brings, replaced with a new gas-powered plant, which is more environment-friendly. A new 302 ft smokestack protrudes from the gas-powered plant, next to the former smokestack.

The future of the coal-powered 500 ft tall edifice remains unclear; I'm not sure if it will be demolished or preserved. Whatever the case may be, one thing for sure is that its iconic red and white stripes have been a part of Bridgeport's history and will always be in the heart of its residents.

I took some stunning aerial photos of this historical beauty with my drone at different perspectives.

Drone Pics of Bridgeport's PSEG Smokestack

One of the things I appreciate about drone photography is that you get a complete picture of an entire location, unlike the obscure view of an area the traditional photography gives you.

In these pictures, you can feel the beauty of the entire city from different perspectives with the iconic edifice right in front of you. Magical! It feels like you're a part of Bridgeport's history; why wouldn't you want to have a share of these photos on your walls, business, or office?

Interested in a Print?

If you run a business in Connecticut, displaying stunning images of your favorite local places is a great way to show your love for the area around you. If you'd like a print edition of one of these PSEG Smokestack photos, please feel free to reach out via the email down below!

Prints of these photos would be charming on the walls of your business. You could even frame one on your front desk or display them anywhere else as a visually appealing decoration for your clients to enjoy.

Additionally, they're great as gifts! Or If you know anyone who would love to display one of these prints, you can always send them over to contact me at

Need Something Custom?

Connecticut drone photography is a huge passion of mine, and it has a boundless scope of potential, depending on your needs. I take pride in shooting high-quality aerial photos of familiar locations around the state.

If you'd like images of any other locations around Connecticut, DronerCT is more than happy to assist. You can always tell us more about your needs at to receive a quote.

If you're having any special events or need pictures for other functional purposes, please reach out!

Feel free to check out more about our services if you'd like to see a broader scope of our offerings!

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