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Connecticut Drone Photography: Remington Shot Tower

For me, Drone photography is a passion that has evolved into a profession. I like to travel around and take captivating drone pics of beautiful landmarks and display them for the world to see, one of those places being CT.

Connecticut boasts of beautiful edifices and tourist attractions with a rich historical background; in Bridgeport on the Arctic street, sits a Four-Storey landmark, once the world's largest ammunition factory, the Remington Arms complex.

I recently returned there to take captivating drone photos of the building to add to my portfolio. Drone imaging gives different perspectives on the structure from an elevated point of view.

A Historical Monument

Remington Arms remains one of the most iconic American firearms manufacturers and the oldest continuously operating manufacturer in the United States.

Despite continuous progress within the industry, Remington has managed to keep up and remain a leader as the most significant U.S. maker of shotguns and rifles. As time went on, however, some of its facilities became outdated, and Remington had to move on.

One such factory lost to time still stands in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and it provides a fantastic look into Remington's past. Once one of the biggest munitions factories during World War II, employing well over 17,000 workers, it now is filled with bits of scrap and decay.

The shot tower still stands alone near a cemetery. Shot towers were the most commonly used method for producing lead shots for a shotgun blast. The molten lead would drop through a sieve at the top, and it would solidify on the way down through a spiraling track, creating little spheres known as "shot." At the bottom, they land in a water basin and are cooled.

Olden but Golden

While it's unclear if the foreclosure, abandonment, or series of fires which burnt for a week straight were the first blow for the Remington Arms factory and shot tower, still, either way, the buildings remain unused for quite some time.

The shot tower stands as one of the tallest buildings in Connecticut over the years. It was built from funds of the young owner of Remington's private fortune. He wanted the building to be an ornament to the city, and it still is even to this day!

The Remington factory and tower's future is unclear since it's been purchased by the city, which has plans to reuse the sturdy structures. On Feb of 2020, Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim joined some City officials to give contractors a tour of the abandoned site. The goal is for the location to be cleaned up, fixing some of the building's weak spots, and hopefully making it attractive to developers and contractors who would like to do business.

Drone Pics of Remington Shot Tower

I took stunning pics of this edifice from different perspectives with my drone, and they came out magical! You'll get a view you've probably never seen before in your entire life.

Feed your eyes through and feel the historical charm the photos bring.

Interested in a Print?

If you run a business in Connecticut, displaying stunning images of your favorite local places is a great way to show your appreciation for the area around you. If you'd like a print edition of one of these Remington shot tower photos, please feel free to reach out via the email down below!

Prints of these photos would be charming on the walls of your business. You could even frame one on your front desk or display them anywhere else as a visually appealing decoration for your clients to enjoy.

Additionally, they're great as gifts! Or If you know anyone who would love to display one of these prints, you can always send them over to contact me at

Need Something Custom?

Connecticut drone photography is a huge passion of mine, and it has a boundless scope of potential, depending on your needs. I take pride in shooting high-quality aerial photos of familiar locations around the state.

If you'd like images of any other locations around Connecticut, DronerCT is more than happy to assist. You can always tell us more about your needs at to receive a quote.

If you're having any special events or need pictures for other functional purposes, please reach out!

Feel free to check out more about our services if you'd like to see a broader scope of our offerings! We provide drone mapping and creative services for several different occasions.

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