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Capturing History: The Remington Shot Tower in Bridgeport, Connecticut

In the heart of Bridgeport, Connecticut, a towering structure is a testament to the city's industrial past—the Remington Shot Tower. Abandoned and weathered, this historic landmark has a rich history, once producing lead shot for firearms. Today, as the city grapples with plans for its revival, I've had the privilege of capturing the beauty and historical charm of the Remington Shot Tower through drone photography.

The Remington Shot Tower: A Historical Marvel

History of Shot Towers:

The Remington-United Metallic Cartridge Shot Tower, completed in 1909, was a vital part of the ammunition manufacturing industry, employing over 17,000 workers at its peak. Shot towers, a common method for producing shot balls for muskets, involved pouring molten lead through a sieve from the top of the tower. The falling lead would cool, forming perfectly round balls that landed in a water basin to solidify.

Significance and Design:

Built from the private fortune of Remington's young owner, the tower symbolized the city's pride, standing as the tallest building in Connecticut for many years. The tower's design, based on a late eighteenth-century discovery, played a crucial role in revolutionizing the production of shot for firearms.

Abandonment and Future Plans:

The Remington factory and tower were abandoned in the late 1980s despite its historical significance. However, the city of Bridgeport has recently purchased the site with redevelopment plans, considering options such as a train station or a butterfly zoo.

The Decay and Demolition

Over the years, neglect, vandalism, and multiple fires took a toll on the Remington Arms factory. Emergency demolition orders were issued due to the imminent danger of collapse, and sections of the factory were torn down to ensure public safety. Despite challenges, the historic shot tower has been fortified and preserved, awaiting future development.

Drone Photography: A Unique Perspective

As a drone photographer passionate about capturing the essence of historical landmarks, I recently revisited the Remington Shot Tower. I captured mesmerizing aerial views using my drone, showcasing the tower's grandeur and decay from different angles. These images offer a unique perspective, allowing viewers to appreciate the site's historical significance and architectural beauty.

The Remington Shot Tower is a poignant reminder of Bridgeport's industrial legacy. I've aimed to immortalize its history and capture its haunting beauty through drone photography. Whether you're drawn to the historical narrative or appreciate captivating visuals, consider adding a piece of Connecticut's past to your space with these unique prints. Together, let's celebrate the industrial heritage that shaped Bridgeport.

History through Prints

If you share a love for Connecticut's rich history and appreciate captivating visuals, consider bringing a piece of the Remington Shot Tower into your space. Prints of these drone photos are available, showcasing the tower's haunting beauty and historical charm. Whether for your business or as a thoughtful gift, these prints serve as a visual ode to the industrial heritage of Bridgeport.

If you're interested in purchasing prints or have specific requests, feel free to reach out via email at

Custom Drone Photography Services

Connecticut is a treasure trove of picturesque locations, and my passion for drone photography extends beyond the Remington Shot Tower. If you have specific locations or events that you'd like to capture from a unique perspective, I offer custom drone photography services. Reach out to for inquiries, quotes or to discuss your unique vision.

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