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"Exploring the Beauty from Above: Aerial Views of the Peacock Alley Mural Project in Bridgeport"

The Peacock Alley Mural Project is a public art installation located in Bridgeport, CT, near the Arcade Mall and Read's artspace. The project is a collaboration between Groundwork Bridgeport, Colorful Bridgeport, Bridgeport Arts & Cultural Council, BPT Creates, and The Trust for Public Land, and aims to bring color and vibrancy to the 5,000 sq ft walkway alley behind the Historic Arcade Mall and the Reads Art Space. In August 2019, I had the opportunity to participate in the project and contacted BPT Creates to request authorization to capture aerial photos of the completed mural using a drone. After some correspondence and a quick phone call, I asked him to reach out to confirm when the mural would be complete, so I could get authorization to fly my drone over to take a few aerial photos.

I enjoy the sense of discovery that I am experiencing while doing these photos. I to take a look around for things I otherwise wouldn't have noticed. Bridgeport is experiencing such a vibrant resurgence, and it's all there to experience!! I enjoy seeing the city I grew up in, working hard to make it inviting and beautiful. I'm glad I could help people see it from a different point of view.

More than just a Mural

Experience the stunning beauty of Peacock Alley in Bridgeport, CT. This 5,000 sq ft alley is adorned with a mesmerizing mural featuring the vibrant colors of the peacock, a symbol of diversity and the beauty of nature. Walking through the alley, you'll be drawn in by the enchanting patterns and vibrant colors.

But Peacock Alley represents more than just a beautiful work of art. It celebrates the diversity that makes Bridgeport such a unique and vibrant city. From the diverse array of businesses, food, people, and art, Bridgeport radiates with a multitude of shades and hues.

As a resident of Bridgeport, I'm proud to be a part of such a diverse and vibrant community. I'm dedicated to documenting the journey and the change happening in our city, and I hope you'll join me in spreading color and love through public art and events that improve the lives of our community. See for yourself why Peacock Alley is more than just another mural on an alley – it's a symbol of all that makes Bridgeport such a special place.

Drone Pics of the Peacock Alley Mural

After they finished the project, I took stunning aerial photos of this work of art at an elevated angle you would not see while walking by the Alley on a typical day, and I'm glad how they turned out. Drone imaging gives you more perspective on what could have been an ordinary picture.

These aerial photos perfectly commemorate the Peacock Alley mural and celebrate its place in the Bridgeport community. They're sure to ignite a sense of beauty and pride in the diversity of our beloved city. Any business would be proud to display these photos on their walls and share in the beauty of the Peacock Alley mural.

Interested in a Print?

Show off your love for Connecticut by displaying stunning images of local places in your business. Our Peacock Alley Mural photos make for charming wall decor or a visually appealing display for your clients to enjoy. If you'd like a print of one of these photos, please get in touch with me. These prints also make for great gifts! Do you know someone who would love to display one of these prints? Share our contact information with them and have them reach out to us!

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