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Connecticut Drone Photography: Iconic Danbury Fair Uncle Sam Statue

As a dad of two boys, I don't get much time to go exploring. Many times I make a point to go somewhere local to get some quick aerial photos. In June of 2019, I talked to my mother-in-law, and she mentioned that I might find the World's Tallest Uncle Sam Statue in Danbury, CT, would be of particular interest to me and She was right!

I found this massive Uncle Sam statue in the parking lot of the Danbury Railway Museum. The Statue claims to be the World's tallest at 38 feet, but I don't know for sure. (Could be!)

I always enjoy discovering things that I wasn't aware of before, and it doesn't hurt that I'm able to take some drone shots of my discoveries. I always enjoy discovering things that I wasn't aware of before, and it doesn't hurt that I'm able to take some drone shots of my discoveries.

The Iconic Statue

Uncle Sam, with the initials U.S., represents the U.S. government and its power. It took its name from an American legend Samuel Wilson.

The statue originally stood at the Danbury State Fair from 1971 until 1981 when it closed. It was famous for greeting everybody that came to the fair with his hand by his side.

Almost four decades after the last Danbury State Fair, residents nearby made donations to have this historical icon brought back home. The Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton announced that they were bringing Uncle Sam Back from an amusement park Lake George, N.Y, where it stood after it was sold in 1981.

A Tourist Attraction

Standing tall on the Danbury Railway Museum's parking lot, the statue has become the talking point for Danbury residents of all ages. There's a space for fun-seekers to take selfies of this pride of Danbury.

I took some aerial photos of this icon with my drone, and I was quite fascinated by its large frame. I recommend checking it out! Cool thing to see in person!

Drone Pics of Uncle Sam Statue

This is one of my favorite pictures.

It captures the icon standing proudly upright, with the city's railway trains behind it, giving a sense of pride and belonging to Danbury's history.

With the beautiful perspectives these pictures capture, what business wouldn't want a share of them to be a part of history in the Danbury community?

Interested in a Print?

If you run a business in Connecticut, displaying stunning images of your favorite local places is a great way to show your love for the area around you. If you'd like a print edition of one of these Uncle Sam Statue photos, please feel free to reach out via the email below!

Prints of these photos would be charming on the walls of your business. You could even frame one on your front desk or display them anywhere else as a visually appealing decoration for your clients to enjoy.

Additionally, they're great as gifts! Or If you know anyone who would love to display one of these prints, you can always send them over to contact me at

Need Something Custom?

Connecticut drone photography is a huge passion of mine, and it has a boundless scope of potential, depending on your needs. I take pride in shooting high-quality aerial photos of familiar locations around the state.

If you'd like images of any other locations around Connecticut, DronerCT is more than happy to assist. You can always tell us more about your needs at to receive a quote.

If you're having any special events or need pictures for other functional purposes, please reach out!

Feel free to check out more about our services if you'd like to see a broader scope of our offerings!

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