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Connecticut Drone Photography: Captain's Cove Seaport

I'm always searching for opportunities to take some drone photography near me. It's a passion of mine, which is a big reason why I started to seriously pursue it as a career. Visiting various locations around Connecticut, I take fascinating drone pics to add to my portfolio whenever possible. Revisiting familiar places to gain a new perspective through photography and displaying my work for the world is a big hobby for me. Recently, I returned to a location I visited during childhood to take stunning images of it at new heights: Captain's Cove Marina. Captain's Cove Seaport holds many fond childhood memories for me since my parents first brought me there as a kid. And this same sentiment holds for several of the residents that have lived their lives in Bridgeport, Connecticut. After all, Captain's Cove has been around for over a generation now! Drone photography emphasizes the beauty and nostalgia of this location from an elevated point of view:

A Seaport with History

Captain's Cove Seaport first opened up in 1982 as a family-run business. This location was the dream of Kaye Williams, a commercial lobsterman, and fisherman. It's an example of how one person, with the help of his family, was able to expand his passions to something big! Williams and his wife transformed this vacant lot in southwest Connecticut into the booming tourist attraction that it is today. Now, Captain's Cove is a place where locals and tourists can enjoy everything that the marina, boardwalk, and restaurant scene offers.

More Than Just a Tourist Attraction

Captain's Cove is one of the most popular family-friendly tourist attractions in Connecticut. Its multitude of multi-colored boardwalk shops nods back to the history of Black Rock Harbour. And if you're a tourist, you can take home several exciting souvenirs and more from these little stores!

The boardwalk is also home to one of the best restaurants in Bridgeport, Connecticut, which offers a sublime view of the water.

They also currently have numerous fun attractions, such as:

  • Fishing tournaments

  • A bar built around a 19th-century tugboat wheelhouse

  • And even a summer sailing program for children and teenagers!

Of the many drone photography locations near me, taking these shots felt like an extra-special experience. Captain's Cove Seaport has undoubtedly become a cornerstone of our community over the past few decades:

So what business wouldn't want some gorgeous drone pics of this historical area to commemorate its place in the Bridgeport community?

Drone Pics of Captain’s Cove

I am really proud of how these drone pics of the Captain's Cove Seaport came out! They capture the bustling landmark location beautifully under a charming sunset, casting the overall area in a romantic glow. The unique all-encompassing perspective in these images captures Captain's Cove's viewpoint that many of us have never been able to see before! (One summer in the future, I would absolutely love to get some aerial photography covering the Swim Across the Sound Foundation event as well!)

Interested in a Print?

If you run a business in Connecticut, displaying stunning images of your favorite local places is a great way to show your love for the area. If you'd like a print edition of one of these Captain's Cove Seaport photos, please feel free to reach out via the email down below! Prints of these photos would be absolutely charming on the walls of your business. You could even frame one on your front desk or display them anywhere else as a visually appealing decoration for your clients to enjoy. Additionally, they're great as gifts! Or If you know anyone who would love to display one of these prints, you can always send them over to contact me at

Need Something Custom?

Connecticut drone photography is a huge passion of mine, and it has a boundless scope of potential, depending on your needs. I take pride in shooting high-quality images of familiar locations around the state from a unique airborne perspective. If you'd like images of any other locations around Connecticut, DronerCT is more than happy to assist. You can always tell us more about your needs at to receive a quote. If you're having any special events or need pictures for other functional purposes, please reach out! Feel free to check out more about our services if you'd like to see a broader scope of our offerings! We provide drone mapping and creative services for several different occasions.

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