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Drone Services

Experience the World from a New Perspective with Rui Pinho Creative. Wouldn't it be amazing to see the world from a fresh perspective? Rui Pinho Creative offers a variety of drone services in Connecticut, such as aerial photography, videography, inspections, and post-production services.

Two Roads Brewery

Experience your property like never before with Rui Pinho Creative's aerial imagery, video, and panoramas. These breathtaking views are ideal for showcasing large properties, estates, parks, and farms, and for providing context to nearby amenities and features.


In addition, Rui Pinho Creative can help you with real estate scouting by providing high-definition photographs, 4K videos, and aerial views of the exterior of a property, giving you valuable insights and information.


Roof inspection

Rui Pinho Creative offers aerial inspections with drones as a safer, more cost-effective, and faster option compared to traditional methods that put employees at risk. By using drones for inspections, you can protect yourself and your team from hazardous situations and save on costly equipment rentals. Plus, you'll receive inspection results much faster. Consider hiring a professional drone pilot to capture the aerial property inspection photos you need for processing claims or inspections.


Saint Augustine's Cathedral Bridgeport Connecticut

At Rui Pinho Creative, we have a strong conviction that drones can play a vital role in preserving the rich historical legacy of New England. These aerial devices are capable of capturing high-quality imagery of older buildings, particularly those that are challenging to access, such as church steeples, roofs, and stone structures and facades. The documentation of these structures is a crucial aspect of preserving the history of Connecticut, but it is often overlooked. By utilizing drones, we can quickly and efficiently gather this valuable information, ensuring that these important structures are not forgotten.


Drone missions can usually be scheduled within a few days, as long as the weather allows it, and can be completed within a few hours. The resulting images can be provided in various formats, including videos, still images, or high-resolution composite images, and can be used for a variety of purposes such as decoration, marketing, planning, municipal inspections, construction inspections, and progress reporting.

There are many industries that can benefit from using aerial drone photography and video to improve their businesses. 

  • Real Estate

  • Planning and development 

  • Landscape Architecture

  • Architecture 

  • Event Photo and Video 

  • Weddings and Parties

  • News or Media Coverage

  • Fine Art Photography 

If you are interested in exploring how aerial drone imaging can benefit your business, please contact Rui Pinho Creative to schedule a consultation call.

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